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Quick-Connect in Action

To learn more about Watts Quick-Connect fittings and see how easy they are to use,
watch our brief introductory video at our YouTube Channel.

More Details

Brass or Plastic, same high quality fittings!

Series 35

Elbows, Tees, Unions and more, including Manifold Components all Manufactured of high performance Polysulfone thermal plastic

Series 45

Elbows, Tees, Unions and more, all Manufactured of heavy-duty brass

Connect to Multiple Materials!

Watts Quick-Connect fittings incorporate Stainless Steel Gripping Teeth in the Collets. These corrosion resistant teeth allow the fittings to interconnect with multiple materials without the need for special tools or tube inserts.

  • PEX, LDPE, MDPE, & HDPE Tubings
  • Copper
  • CPVC
  • Polybutylene

Exclusive O-Ring Guide Design

All Watts Quick-Connect fittings incorporate an exclusive O-Ring Guide for improved reliability. This unique feature ensures zero-leak connections by:

  • Protecting the O-ring from damage during connection
  • Increasing the connectors side load capacity
  • Correctly aligning the tubing with the O-ring every time
  • Preventing the O-ring from becoming dislodged

Cone Seal

Watts Quick-Connect fittings utilize a swivel nut with NPS straight threads and a cone seal. This allows the installer to thread onto NPT, NPS, BSP and most threads without tools or thread sealant. Simply thread on hand tight, for zero leak seal.

Rotates under pressure!

After a joint is made, the tubing can still swivel while connected - even under maximum pressure. The ability to rotate under pressure makes Watts fittings ideal for vibrating and dynamic applications.

Highest Flow!

Watts Quick-Connect fittings join the tubing on the outside. Because there is no barb fitting on the inside of the tubing the flow capacity is increased by more than 30%. Only Watts fittings offer complete flow, allowing for a more efficient system.

Create mini-manifolds!

With Watts Quick-Connect fittings, small lengths of tubing can be eliminated by using our stackable connector configurations. Simply snap together Tees and/or Elbows to create a mini-manifold of fittings. Because Watts fittings rotate, the direction of the tubing can be oriented by a simple twist, reducing the amount of tubing required to plumb a water system.

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Quick-Connect Plumbing Solutions Catalogue

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Quick-Connect Solutions

Learn more about Watts Quick-Connect Plumbing Solutions. The Quick-Connect Solutions Resource Center includes an installation video, a PowerPoint presentation and a competitive flow test report.

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