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OEM Division

OEM Overview

Watts OEM Division offers solutions to meet industry needs for cost effective answers to specialized flow control requirements. Through innovative engineering approaches and world class manufacturing facilities, Watts can create valves for specific requirements. For example, designing several valve functions into combination products is a simple way to reduce costs and create profits.

The OEM Products Division's motto is "Profitable Solutions For Our Customers." Here are just a few key benefits the OEM Division can provide to your company.

Whether your company is seeking a reliable source for high quality flow control products, or is looking for a uniquely innovative flow control design solution engineered for a particular application, the men and women of Watts are at your service. Please let us know how we can help you create your next "Profitable Solution."

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OEM Capabilities Brochure

Get your copy of the latest Watts OEM Capabilities brochure. Includes information on Watts' design services, research & development tools, domestic & international manufacturing operations and product success briefs.

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OEM Success Briefs

Watts' experience spans across a variety of markets. Learn more about some of the many product success stories from the Watts OEM Division.

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