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2-Piece, Full Port, Brass Ball Valves


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Kit TypeKit NoValve SeriesValve Size Ordering CodeKit Contents
Lever Handle KitILHK-1FBV-31/4"0548400Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-1FBV-33/8"0548400Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-2FBV-31/2"0548401Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-3FBV-33/4"0548402Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-4FBV-31"0548403Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-5FBV-31-1/2"0548404Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-6FBV-32"0548405Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-7FBV-32-1/2"0548406Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-7FBV-33"0548406Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-8FBVS-31/2"0548407Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-9FBVS-33/4"0548408Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-10FBVS-31"0548409Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-10FBVS-31-1/4"0548409Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-11FBVS-31-1/2"0548410Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-12FBVS-32"0548411Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-13FBVS-32-1/2"0548412Lever Handle Kit
Lever Handle KitILHK-13FBVS-33"0548412Lever Handle Kit
Tee Handle KitITHK-1FBV-31/4"0548415Tee Handle Kit
Tee Handle KitITHK-1FBV-33/8"0548415Tee Handle Kit
Tee Handle KitITHK-1FBV-3, FBVS-31/2"0548415Tee Handle Kit
Tee Handle KitITHK-2FBV-3, FBVS-33/4"0548416Tee Handle Kit
Tee Handle KitITHK-3FBV-3, FBVS-31"0548417Tee Handle Kit
Oval Handle KitIOHK-1FBV-31/4"0548420Oval Handle Kit
Oval Handle KitIOHK-1FBV-33/8"0548420Oval Handle Kit
Oval Handle KitIOHK-1FBV-3, FBVS-31/2"0548420Oval Handle Kit
Oval Handle KitIOHK-2FBV-3, FBVS-33/4"0548421Oval Handle Kit
Oval Handle KitIOHK-3FBV-3, FBVS-31"0548422Oval Handle Kit
Oval Handle KitIOHK-3FBV-3, FBVS-31-1/4"0548422Oval Handle Kit
Oval Handle KitIOHK-4FBV-3, FBVS-31-1/2"0548423Oval Handle Kit
Oval Handle KitIOHK-4FBV-3, FBVS-32"0548423Oval Handle Kit
Stem Extension Kit#1FBV-31/4"0885840Stem Extension Kit
Stem Extension Kit#1FBV-33/8"0885840Stem Extension Kit
Stem Extension Kit#1FBV-3, FBVS-31/2"0885840Stem Extension Kit
Stem Extension Kit#2FBV-3, FBVS-33/4"0885841Stem Extension Kit
Stem Extension Kit#3FBV-3, FBVS-31"0885842Stem Extension Kit
Stem Extension Kit#3FBV-3, FBVS-31-1/4"0885842Stem Extension Kit
Stem Extension Kit#4FBV-3, FBVS-31-1/2"0885843Stem Extension Kit
Stem Extension Kit#4FBV-3, FBVS-32"0885843Stem Extension Kit

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Every year, thousands of people suffer serious thermal shock or scalding injuries in their bathtubs, sinks and showers.

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