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Tech Notes - Fusion Tools

These tools are thermostatically controlled. The thermostat is set for the largest size of welding heads ordered with the tool. Check temperature before use, when heads are changed, and regularly throughout job with tempilstiks (ordered separately).

If adjustment is required, proceed as follows:
It is recommended that you unplug the tool. Insert a slot type screwdriver through the hole in the guard to turn the adjusting screw. Turn the adjusting screw clockwise to increase tool temperature, anticlockwise to lower the temperature. Normally one-eighth (25C) or one-quarter (50C) turn will be adequate. Over-insertion will damage the thermostat. Allow tool temperature to stabilise then re-check temperature. Repeat as necessary. Return tool to factory, if it will not adjust. Before use, read detailed instructions (supplied with tools).

Model BW-1

For backwelding 6" pipe and fittings and for repairs to socket weld joints. Use with NITROGEN GAS (not supplied) and welding rod. Use Polypropylene welding rod for PP, PX and WL. 120 Volts, 450 watt. Weight 1 kg (2 lbs). Appr. 12" long. The cord/hose is about 5 metre (16 feet) long.

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