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No-Hub Fittings System

No-Hub/Plain End Joining System

The Drainage System Engineers and Contractors Choose

Watts is recognized as an industry leader in the manufacture of economical, easy-to-install No Hub drainage systems.

Our exclusive No-Hub coupling greatly simplifies installation by eliminating the need for expensive tools such as torque wrenches, power packs and special tightening tools. One easy-to-use, inexpensive pipe grooving tool and standard tool box hand tools are all that are needed to produce tight, leak-free joints every time. Thus, significant savings can be realized by specifying and installing Watts Polypropylene or PVDF drainage systems assembled with a mechanical joining system.

Other Features

  • Fast and easy installation means lower labor cost
  • All fittings pre-grooved at factory
  • 3 meter standard (6 meter sections available) All pipe factory grooved
  • No heat or hot water required
  • Easily assembled with ordinary hand tools
  • Strong, unbreakable
  • Easy Assembly with Ordinary Hand Tools
  • Easy to clean out and maintain (made with maintenance people in mind)
  • Reusable and easy to move and change. Ideal when systems modifications are called for in remodeling projects. Mechanical Joint systems are adaptable for use with other materials, including PVDF.
  • Stainless steel outer coupling
  • No metal in joint
  • Suitable for below ground applications
  • Easy fabrication of complex sub-assemblies

Rionfuse CF® (Clamp-Free) Electrofusion System

Joining System for polypropylene

Watts state-of-the-art joining system for polypropylene provides unsurpassed ease of installation and joint strength.

When ease of installation is a prime consideration, theres really only one joining system you should consider . . . the Rionfuse CF (Clamp Free) electrofusion system.

The electrofusion coil is made of heavy gauge wire that is molded right into the Rionfuse coupling. Each coupling is manufactured using state of-the-art robotic technology resulting in a system that is made to the highest possible standards. This system provides a joint strength that has never before been seen in this industry. Above all, unlike our competition, the rionfuse CF joint does not require clamping devices at any time during installation. Each wire terminal is protected with shrouds, which means couplings do not arrive damaged. The serpentine wire configuration and heavy gauge stainless steel wire means strong durable coils that wont break.

Other Features

  • No Clamps required
  • Fast and easy installation means lower cost
  • Multiple jointing capabilities and both sides of couplings fuse at the same time, saving labor
  • Positive joints are made in just a few minutes
  • Uses same plain end fittings as our No-Hub system
  • 10' lengths standard (20' sections available)
  • Easily assembled with ordinary hand tools & Rionfuser®electrofusion machine
  • Strongest joint in the industry.
  • Non-corrosive polypropylene provides excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and acids
  • "State of the art" joining system
  • Joining machine tough and reliable, joint after joint
  • Available in sizes of 40-300mm


Same No-Hub Fitting using your Choice of Joining Method

  • No Need for 2 Fitting Inventories
  • Same Fitting Lay Lengths - Regardless of Joining Type ie: same system design for both joining methods
  • Easy Transition From No-Hub to Riofuse CF
  • Same System Can Be Used Above and Below Ground

No-Hub Features

  • Easy Fitting-to-Fitting Connections (no pipe in between)
  • Time Tested and Proven No-Hub Design
  • Quick and Easy Installation and reliable performance
  • Available in Polypropylene and PVDF
  • PP and PVDF are Easily Interchangeable
  • Fittings Can Easily be Dis-assembled and Re-assembled Ideal for system modifications
  • Easy Assembly with Ordinary Hand Tools
  • High resistance to lateral loading, making No-Hub excellent for buried applications

Rionfuse CF Features

  • No Clamps required
  • Strongest Joint in the industry
  • Proven Joint Design (similar to gas fittings)
  • Multiple Joint Capabilities
  • Fusion Indicators - to show when a joint is complete
  • Coil is Integral to Joint - no separate parts
  • Continuous Coil throughout Coupling - both sides fuse at the same time saving installation time.
  • Available in Polypropylene and PVDF

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