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WaterPEX® Stud Reels

No Kinks. All Run. No Errors.

Watts WaterPEX® Stud Reels are uniquely designed for fast, kink-free home-run PEX pipe installations. 3⁄8" and 1⁄2" WaterPEX® pipe is neatly coiled around a heavy-duty HDPE reel designed to be mounted between two wooden or steel construction studs (on 16" centers). The pipe can be drawn off of the reel in a continuous run direct from the manifold to the fixture. No kinks, all run, no errors. The HDPE reel is recyclable, and can be easily stacked at the jobsite or in a construction trailer in a compact space. The reels themselves can be shipped via a small-package shipment carrier.


  • Available in 3⁄8" (500' coil) and
    1⁄2" (300' coil), Red and Blue only.
  • Easily mounted between two wood or
    metal construction studs (16" ctrs.)
  • Neatly packaged and compact enough
    for small-package shipment carriers
  • Requires only one person tohandle
  • In Stock and Available for immediate

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